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casa faly

Casa Faly is located in a private area of 30 villas and enjoys a common concierge and guardian service.

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tailored holiday

Bespoke holiday where every excursion, activity and meal + drink, is included in a fixed price. The programme will be chosen by the guests depending on their own interest so that he’ll be able to live the holiday of his dreams.

Some of the excursions in Nosy Be :

  • Waterfalls adventure

  • Fishermen's village visit

  • Lokobe Forest hike,

  • First settlement on the island

  • Photography tour of the capital Helleville

  • Mont Passot area


Excursions in the Archipelago:

By private boat:

  • Nosy Sakatia

  • Nosy Tani Keli

  • Nosy Comba

  • Nosy Vorona

  • Nosy Fany

  • Nosy Faly

  • Nosy Anthoa

  • Nosy Iranja

We will be happy to answer your email or your phone call to inform you of the

quotation for the holiday that we have create for you.

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